>> What is Autobahn Ambition Magazine?


We are a digital-only magazine that focuses on Porsche cars that have been modified either by professional tuning companies or privately using aftermarket tuning products and upgraded Porsche factory parts. Our magazine is for people who want more out of their Porsche. Our slogan is "Inspiring Future Projects" and that is our mssion.


>> What is a digital-only magazine?


It's a magazine published electronically and is unavailable in a traditional print format. Autobahn Ambition is published using an Adobe PDF file and can be viewed using an Adobe Reader, an application used to view PDF files that is commonly loaded on computers as new. If you do not have the Adobe Reader application, then click here to download it for free.


>> How many issues per year?


The magazine will be released 5 times a year at no cost to the subscriber. As a bonus to the 5 issues, you will recieve Special Edition Issues(s) randomly throughout the year at no pre-determined quanities. These Special Editions are intended to surprise you when you least expect them and are a way for us to thank our readers. They are free as well.


>> How do I subscribe?


Proceed to the Subscription Page. Click on the ">> Subscribe Now!!" button to start the process. A form will display. Complete all the form's fields (create a username & password) and click the "Continue" button at the bottom. An email will be sent to the email account provided to us to confirm your subscription. Goto to your email account and open the email. Click on the URL designated to confirm your account. Once you click the confirmation URL you are good to go. That's it! Just use your registered username & password to log on to the magazine download page.


To Proceed to the Subscription page click >> SUBSCRIBE


>> How will Autobahn Ambition be using my email address?


Your email address will not be shared, sold, or exchanged. We use your email address in 2 ways: (1) To confirm the identity of the subscriber & to verify that the email address provided is valid. (2) To notify you, the subscriber, that a new issue has been released and ready for downloading. Refer to our privacy policy by clicking here.


>> How do I view your digital-only magazine?
>> What computer application is required?


Once subscribed, the subscriber logons to the download page by clicking the "Subscriber Login" icon located in the black banner at the top, right of each web page.


Once logged on the download page the Autobahn Ambition PDF file can be accessed by clicking the "Magazine Download" button. The PDF file will display using the Adobe Reader application. If you do not have Adobe Reader, then click here to download it for Free.


Subscribers can Save the PDF file within the Adobe Reader Application by choosing "File" then scrolling to "Save As." Select what directory (such as your C:Drive) on your computer you want to download the magazine.


>> How do I navigate through your digital magazine?


Any one familiar with using websites will be very comfortable navigating around our magazine. Readers can move around our magazine by either scrolling through it, using the Adobe Reader's "Pages" tab to select pages, or by clicking on links placed in the magazine intended to help you navigate around. The Table of Contents (TOC) is also clickable and allows for easy navigation. A "TOC" icon is placed at botton of each magazine page to navigate the reader back to the Table of Contents page with the click of a mouse.


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>> How does one advertise on Autobahn Ambition Magazine?


You can refer to our advertising page to discover more by clicking here.

Contact the sales office at 410-931-9701 or 703 586-5136

or email us at


>> Can I unsubscribe to your magazine?


We would surely not like to see you go, however, yes you can unsubscribe to the magazine. Proceed to the bottom of any page within our website and click "UNSUBSCRIBE." Follow the procedures provided.



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