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Autobahn Ambition is the first digital-only magazine that covers modifying and tuning the Porsche automobile. Our dedication to this market provides advertisers:

  • A Focused Porsche Aftermarket Marketing Reach

  • A Readership Seeking Ads To Make Buying Decisions

Advantages to Advertising with us as compared to print magazines, internet banner advertising, or keyword sponsorships:

  • Lower Cost Than Print Advertising - Our digital-only magazine distributes the same quality content without the expense of printing allowing us to pass the saving on to the advertiser.
  • Clicking Ads Send Readers to Your Website - Ads in our magazine are clickable hyperlinks. Think of them as large banner ads. Once a reader is excited by your ad with a click they are whisked to your site to buy it.
  • More Message Space than Internet Banner Ads - How much can be said in a banner ad? Not Much. All advertisements in our magazine are clickable hyperlinks just like a banner ad and provide the same space as a print ad in a traditional magazine. We combine the best features of both mediums.
  • Our Flat Ad Rates Prevent Spiraling Internet CPM Costs - Paying per click on your ad or sponsored keyword quickly adds up. Soon your ad budget has skyrocketed. Our ads are priced using reasonable flat rates allowing any size of company to easily forecast their internet ad budget.
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